Being contracted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) APPLICATIO supports different partners in Mongolia in developing and implementing a quality assurance and certification system for eLearning. The aim is to ensure that the quickly developing sector of eLearning moves into the right direction.

eLearning plays an increasing role in Mongolia - also based on the initiativesof Mongolia eKnowledge NGO (that has been supported by InWEnt and APPLICATIO). Now it is time to develop a practice-oriented quality management system and to make use of this to ensure high quality in eLearning.

APPLICATIO supports the project by:

  • Identifying partners in Mongolia
  • Assisting these partners in developing quality standards
  • Assisting these partners in developing certification processes
  • Scaling-up

 E-WEB-Goal-04.png  E-WEB-Goal-16.png

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