WolleAPPLICATIO has been contracted by  SEQUA to develop a value-chain analysis for the wool-sector in Mongolia. The study aims at analysing the status quo in the wool-based value chains especially in the Arkhangai-Province (Aimag) and will serve as baseline for the partnership project between DIHK and the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI). 

The value-chain analysis will be implemented in the fame of the Chamber Partnership Project of SEQUA between DIHK and the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The study serves as foundation for the fine-tuning and planning of the project and analyses the wool-sector for sheep-wool in Mongolia and the potentials of the various value chains. Finally, the analysis will develop proposals for interventions of the project to strengthen the value-chains. APPLICATIO's tasks include:

  • Deskwork Analysis
  • Fact-Finding Mission to Mongolia
  • Analysis of the value-chains 
  • Participatory development of proposals for interventions

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