APPLICATIO wind Consulting Award 2015
Hamburg, November 2015. Hamburg, July 2015. APPLICATIO participated for the first time since 2008 again in the Hamburg Consulting Award and has won the first price directly. Vice-President of the Camber of Commerce in Hamburg, Christina Jagdmann, handed over the award on November 6, 2015 to APPLICATIO Management & Training GmbH. The jury was exeplicily impressed by the sustainability approaches used in the porject to develop capacities for policy development in REDD+ (Reduction of Emission through Deforestation and Forest Degradation) . The Jury further awarded two second prices to AS(S) Unternehmensberatung GmbH and  Faktenkontor GmbH.


The Hamburg Consulting Club e.V. aims at making transparent what innovative and high quality consulting can do for businesses and a region. As one of its activities, the Club - jointly with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce - bi-annually awards the Hamburg Consulting Award (Hamburger Consultingpreise) for the most innovative Consulting projects. The jury - engaged in the three step process - looks into

  • innovation of the used methods and approaches
  • sustainability 
  • role the consulting play in the success of the project 

  Consulting Preis 2015 177 Consulting Preis 2015 202 Consulting Preis 2015 212

  (Photos: Handelskammer Hamburg/Nicolas Maack

Weitere Informationen finden sich unter: http://hamburger-consulting-club.de/seiten/consultingpreis.htm

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